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band primer: Lasersquad Nemesis

A long time ago, Alex Porter's high school boyfriend was in a band. Teenage adulation turned sour when he cheated on her, but something must have stuck, because when she was in college, she ended up auditioning for a band and got the lead vocals part. The band eventually fell apart when several of its members graduated, but Alex was hooked. She and her longtime friend Tim McInnis started another bad, called Lasersquad Nemesis.

Lasersquad Nemesis (LSN) got pretty successful fairly quickly, playing all sorts of gigs wherever they could get them. They eventually hired Tommy Marshall to be their manager. They split from Tommy right around the time they started to record their first album, citing professional differences, and signed on with David Mercer of Herding Cats Management. After releasing their first album, There Is Time Enough with Atlantis Records, LSN moved on to Counterfeit Records and their sublabel Bedlam, From then on, their career took off, and with three albums already behind them, shows no signs of stopping.

Now, on to the band members!

First we have Alex Porter, lead singer. Alex grew up in Jersey, which means she takes no shit from anyone. There are numerous (rumored and confirmed) instances of Alex getting into fights with people, although that seems to have tapered off lately. She claims it's because she's growing up and wants to set a good example. Me, I say as long as she keeps wearing those kickass tanktops that show off her arms (mmm, arms of Alex...), I'm fine with whatever she wants to do.

There are rumors (and some blurry photos) that Alex is dating Titus Casey from The Unicorn Murders, but none of them have been confirmed, and everyone (including the rest of the bands) is keeping mum on the subject, so it's all pure speculation. Given that Alex has a self-admitted history of making bad relationship choices, fans are divided between wishing them the best of luck and wishing Alex would stay away from Titus (the Titus/Oliver shippers—more on them later—are definitely in the second camp). The Atomic Vaudeville Tour has only started, so we'll see what happens.

Teri Klementis plays lead guitar and sings vocals as well. Tim was the one to bring her into the band when LSN was still coming together, and Alex and Teri were best friends two days later.

Teri grew up in the Midwest, and followed her mother's footsteps in studying botany and biochemical engineering in university. Her true love was music, however, and she, in her own words, "gleefully threw [herself] into making music instead of spending [her] life stuck in a lab somewhere." When she met Tim, she had just quit her job and was looking for something else to do, as the lab and office life just didn't appeal to her as much as she thought it would.

Another guitar player in the band is Martine "Marty" Craven. She joined the band after Alex and Tim heard her playing at a summer festival and asked her to join right then and there. She was a little hesitant at first, given the band was still in its larval stage, but Alex and Tim managed to convince her to give them a try. Previous to joining the band, Marty worked at a used book store.

Marty originally studied classical guitar, and she's brought that style into the band, influencing its sound, and playing off Teri's more rock and roll style.

Marty is dating the band's drummer, Jay Norris.

Tim McInnis has known Alex since they were both little. Best friends all through school, they formed the band together after graduating from college. Tim is the calm and quiet type, and he's probably the most "grown up" of the band (at least that's what they all claim). The rest of the band also refer to him as the heart of the band, keeping them all together.

Tim is openly gay (it's canon that he prefers dudes, no twisting of canon required!), and is dating Conner Edwards, a lawyer from New York City. They are completely adorable together, and give us many opportunities to get all *___* over them.

Jay Norris, the band's drummer, is of the tall, dark, and handsome persuasion. He joined the band at the same time Marty did, and they've been dating since shortly after the band was formed. We're not exactly sure what Jay used to do before he joined LSN, as he keeps telling different stories. So far, by our count, he's been an undercover cop, a treasure-hunting adventurer, an exotic dancer (we'd have liked to have seen that!), a construction worker, and a bodyguard. Whichever is the real story, Jay isn't telling, and neither is anyone else.

Band discography.

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