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band primer: The Unicorn Murders

After winning Battle of the Bands, the prize for which was time in a recording studio, the Unicorn Murders were all set to start recording their debut album. Unfortunately, they were plagued with troubles. First their rhythm guitar player "flaked out" and quit the band, and shortly after that the bass player quit as well. Thankfully, studio musician Oliver Hall was on hand and the boys asked him to join the band. He brought Titus Casey on board to play bass, and the debut EP was recorded. Eventually, the Unicorn Murders hired Dave Hamilton (partner to LSN's manager, David Mercer) as their manager.

Their first album was released by Atlantis Records, and when AR folded, they were picked up by Bedlam, Counterfeit Record's sublabel.

Dirk Pearson, the band's frontman and lead singer, is a flamboyant character, well known for his partying lifestyle and popularity with the female contingent of fans. (And yes, ladies, he'll definitely sign your bra.) Never one to turn down an invitation to a party, Dirk lives by the motto "live each day as if it were your last, because one day, it will be." As part of this philosophy, between tours and recording sessions, Dirk enjoys, among other things, skydiving, deep sea diving, and mountain climbing.

Before the Unicorn Murders, Dirk was best known for his portrayal of Hans Demarcus Sparks/Crystalline Marquis in Battle Ninja Samurai, the live action adaptation of the classic children's cartoon series Video Ninja Samurai. Despite the movie's poor performance at the box office, it has since become a cult classic. Just don't ask Dirk to sign your DVD copy of it. No, really, DON'T.

Ash Foster, the band's drummer, is often his best friend Dirk's partner in crime, at least when it comes to partying. A guitar player as well as drummer, Ash had considered taking over the position vacated by the "flaky" rhythm guitarist, but eventually stayed on the drums when Oliver joined the band. Ash is related to Nathan Foster, who plays occasional keyboards with Lasersquad Nemesis.

Zach McMillan is a self-confessed coffee fiend (although how that makes him different from anyone in any of the other bands, we don't quite see). His caffeine-fueled guitar skills are amazing to behold, especially at concerts. He's something of a mystery man, preferring to hang back out of the spotlight. We think this just makes him more appealing. Talented, broodingly handsome, and modest. Plus, who doesn't love a mystery?

Oliver Hall is the band's other guitar player. He designs many of the band's costumes, co-writes songs with Dirk, and is generally fabulous all around. Since Atomic Vaudeville Tour started, there's been talk of an inter-band project that Oliver is involved in. Not much is known about it, except that it's going to be "epic!" We can't wait!

When he's at his best, Oliver practically sparkles (sometimes literally, and the glitter gets everywhere, apparently), but he's also prone to getting sick, which makes him less than sparkly. :( Good thing he has his BFF to take care of him!

Titus Casey, dubbed the Man In Black for his tendency to lean toward the monochromatic, is the band's bass player. Tiny and intense, Titus is often underestimated and dismissed out of hand. But while he may be small in stature, he more than makes up for it with PRESENCE. Also, hotness. Hotness helps a lot.

Titus was the last to join the band, at the behest of Oliver, who suggested him for the band when the previous bass player quit. In his pre-band days, Titus worked at a bakery and was roommates with Oliver, who says Titus always smelled like fresh-baked cookies. According to some of his other bandmates, he still does. ;)

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